The power of cleaning

THOMS Concept

We at THOMS Aviation are specialized in Aircraft wash with our dry wash concept. Dry wash is a revolutionary way of cleaning, in which the use of water is minimized. This new way of cleaning is a unique opportunity for airlines to be more sustainable and efficient. It also fits well in the current era of corporate social responsibility wherein it has become an important role of the business models. 

Due to the different business models of firms, and their continuously changing needs, we at THOMS Aviation also offer tailored cleaning solutions. This enables us to provide the most suited cleaning solution for your firm. It should also be noted that our dry wash is fully aviation approved.

Schiphol, The Netherlands

The power of cleaning

Interior services

Deep clean

Discover how to get a fresh and clean interior

Cockpit clean

Ready for take off when the cockpit is clean

Exterior services

Dry wash polish

Discover how we polish and clean the aircraft without use of water

Dry wash clean

The wipe on wipe off wash at platform, we can provide everywhere

Technical wash

Discover how we clean the wheel whell and landing gears