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Professional Disinfection with a powerful disinfectant As an extra hygiene measure, many people choose to disinfect their shop, school, office. Good hygiene is crucial in preventing further contamination in the workplace or in shops. Professional disinfection of areas focuses on killing viruses and bacteria.


Why have my room disinfected?

Good hygiene is of great importance in the fight against the spread of bacteria and viruses. By having your shop or school professionally disinfected, you can combat these bacteria and viruses and opt for good hygiene. Of course you can do everything you can to work as hygienically as possible, think of washing your hands in time and keeping all surfaces clean. For a safe and completely hygienic space, it is best to opt for professional disinfection.

How will my room be disinfected?



Our specialists will visit your store, office or school, upon arrival the relevant room or areas will be injected with disinfectants first, then the entire area including inventory will be thoroughly cleaned. Subsequently, use will be made of cleaning by means of steam on the surfaces designated there



This treatment ensures that 99% of the bacteria / viruses die immediately and therefore no further spread can take place. Finally, regular cleaning will take place, such as: vacuuming, removing and removing dust.



You are not present in your building during this treatment, after our specialists have fully carried out the treatment you can safely enter your building again.


Powerful products

We use a powerful disinfectant against bacteria, fungi and viruses. This agent retains its effect for a longer period of time and is suitable for equipment and materials that can come into contact with food and drink. Also suitable for: - spaces for people's residence - drinking water tanks - floors, walls, furniture, etc. - hospitals and other health care facilities

Our main product is Wecoline Clean 'n Easy Disinfection

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