CORE in our 3-Company acting is the FLEXPOOL of workers, which will consist of Supervisors, experienced workers and students. With ROC-MBO College Airport (Hoofddorp) we have established an agreement to source the students on Level 3 and Level 4, eligible for trainee work placement. Students will be recruited, selected and in cooperation with KLM screened by Latitude Aero. Supervisors in the Flexpool are selected and trained to steer the experienced workers and to tutor-train the students.

With the Flexpool organization, Latitude Aero will be able to expand and reduce manpower depending on KLM's production schedule, seasonal influences as well as disturbances during the day-to-day production. On a daily basis, KLM's E&M Duty Management determines and prioritizes the required manpower, either: 1. to support A- & C-checks or 2. to perform secondary cabin tasks or 3. to perform aircraft exterior washes or 4. perform cockpit care. Latitude Aero steers, manages & controls the required manpower and divides the resources between Latitude and THOMS Aviation accordingly. Latitude Aero will establish its own Support Management Organization, including resource planning & performance as well as storage management of incoming and outgoing goods.