"Belgraver is one of those Dutch aviation pioneers with a long history like KLM, Fokker, Driessen and AeroWorks. Over time our machinery has been modernized, but the entrepreneurship never changed."

Who we are and what we do

After his graduation in Economics Andreas Schuster (1963) started his carreer with Heineken as a management trainee. After his maiden step at Heineken, he accepted several leading commercial Director and VP positions at deSter Inflight Supplies, Pactiv Corporation, and Proponent (previously Avio Diepen) where he acquainted himself with the 'ins and outs' of aircraft components before he joined Belgraver aircraft interiors as Managing Director.

Belgraver aircraft interiors (established in Naarden Vesting, 1956) made its first step into aviation with the manufacturing of textile products when KLM requested Mr. Belgraver, a tailor by profession, to manufacture curtains for their Super Constellations. As the aviation industry took off and became an industry of stature Belgraver aircraft interiors explored new opportunities in manufacturing and repair of aircraft seating parts, such as dress covers, plastics, carpet cutting, and baby bassinets as well as dry cleaning and steam pleating, covering over 23,000 part numbers.

Over the years Belgraver expanded its capabilities and is well known as the specialist of a wide range of cabin interior parts. Today Belgraver serves over 130 airline customers worldwide from our Naarden and Dubai facilities and is Part 21J &145 EASA and Part21 GCAA approved.

Business Case 1: Carpet cutting

Since many years Belgraver runs a carpet cutting department which serves the needs of many airlines, including KLM daughter company Transavia. Driven by economies of scale we can support KLM and KLM Cityhopper with a professional team of carpeters who know the carpet subject 'inside out' at ANY aircraft type. We can offer you as follows:

  • keep stock of your raw materials (same as we do for KLM's dress cover and curtain material since decades)
  • take measurements On-Wing
  • Cut carpet on ac registration level, and pre-produce complete sets on call-off basis
  • Supply the pre-produced sets of carpet, same as the supply of dress covers and curtains which we perform since 1980, to the hangars for onboard installation within 24 hours during the week
  • 20% Total Cost of Ownership reduction - GUARANTEED.

Business Case 2: Life vest maintenance

Taking into consideration the inspection interval of OEM Eastern Aero Marine, Belgraver can perform a full inspection of the life vest itself as well as the replacement of the Co2 Cylinder when required, and repack and release them with a Certificate of Conformity.

Stock can be maintained and supplied on call-off basis (same as dress covers, curtains and carpets) to the Hangars for re-installation.

Business Case 3: seat part repair & manufacturing

Belgraver has observed the introduction of a light weight seat solution manufactured by OEM Recaro throughout the KLM and soon KLM Cityhopper fleet. Belgraver would be pleased to support KLM and Cityhopper to reverse engineer the replacement parts (foot trays, latches, fairings, end bays, arm caps, etc.) for the entire fleet, which will allow KLM a price reduction between 10-30% in comparison with OEM Recaro.

Belgraver is willing to invest to manufacture the production tooling (moulds) for this new seat model and to keep safety stock of parts, either in Naarden or offer them for consignment at Latitude Aero for on-time installation.

What makes us proud

During the past 65 years we have established a strong customer base with more than 130 airlines worldwide, such as: KLM, Cityhopper, Transavia, SAS BA, Emirates, Oman Air, Lufthansa, Iberia, Ethiopian, Garuda, Virgin, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Icelandair, Norwegian, German Wings, Brussels Airlines, South African, SriLankan & Vistara. Airlines recognize us as the leading expert in cabin interior PMA and EPA parts, which results in substantial cost savings compared to OEM manufactured parts.

Belgraver aircraft interiors B.V. Energiestraat 31 1411 AS, Naarden The Netherlands a.schuster@belgraver.nl