An introduction to our company

THOMS Aviation stands for innovation of exterior and interior aircraft care by utilizing water-based DryWash™ detergents and a flexible workforce. This way we contribute to durability, unmatched appearance and minimum use of water.

THOMS Aviation is your one-stop-shop solution for unsurpassed aircraft cleaning products or services, no matter your aircraft or fleet size.

Who we are & what we do

Thomas de Boer (1969) started his career at Avia Presto in air cargo and continued in the ramp and baggage handling for Aviapartner. De-icing was one of his favourite assignments. THOMS Aviation (established 2013), located at Oude Meer (The Netherlands) provides unsurpassed eco-friendly exterior and interior cleaning services on any airport in Europe, that substantially reduce the total cost of ownership. Narrow-body aircraft can be washed on the ramp or at the gate (instead of expensive hangar space) in downtime in less than 5 hours against a water consumption of 25L per aircraft only. Wide-body aircraft, either passenger or cargo, can be washed with a dedicated team during A- & C-check.

THOMS' detergents™ are 100% recyclable, reducing the frequency of exterior treatment to 3-4 times per year.

The same gains can be realized for wide-body aircraft and cockpit cleaning cycles.

  • Water-based; no alkaline or petroleum
  • Approved by Boeing, Airbus and leading airlines such as Air France
  • Reduction of water use by 96%
  • Used water 100% recycled
  • Zero chemical spillage on ground
  • Chemical residues absorbed by the microfiber cloth are treated by MEWA Textile Management (Germany) so that residues can be disposed and separated.

"In today's world, where the intake of potable water is not self-evident, the use of industrial water and waste water treatment have become serious points of discussion. Therefore, the aviation industry must embrace new waterless solutions."
Thomas de Boer, Managing Director of THOMS Aviation

Unmatched appearance Durable Minimum use of water

No matter aircraft type or size, THOMS Aviation can offer you any seamless, eco friendly washing service.

Rest assured we will offer you a tailor-made solution, no matter if you require a full body wash, a full tech wash, or a partial wash such as belly, landing gear or tail section.

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