Our Products

Our Aviation Approved Products

All the THOMS Aero products are approved by Boeing, Airbus and Douglas. All our products are thoroughly tested by SMI, Fl. USA.

THOMS Aero Pro Clean™

This product is ideal for washing on any location outside, even during humid conditions. With only 6 litres of concentrate and 18 litres of water, you can DryWash a complete Boeing 737-800 or Airbus 320.

THOMS Aero DryWash Polish™

This ready to use product is ideal for washing inside of hangars or during dry conditions outside. The product finished with a shiny carnauba wax layer which will protect the aircraft against all kind of dirt and sunray. You need only 20 litres to DryWash a complete Boeing 737-800 or Airbus 320.


In case you decide to only use our products, we would be pleased to train your cleaning staff on location.

We consider it our MISSION to help our clients making the turnaround from wet wash to Dry Wash to contribute to a sustainable environment.

That is why we organise training and refresher courses for our clients in line with the regulations for MRO requirements.

What can we offer:

- A three-day training course at your facility (one day is theoretical and two practical)

- Complete starter kits to get your team started quickly

- Personal attention to each attendee and a certificate.